Tuesday, February 23, 2010

2010 Winter Games

They say that every 2 years the world comes together to compete in either the winter or the summer olympics. It's supposed to be a time of peace and unity for all of our friends here on earth. To be quite honest, I don't feel closer to my fellow humans when the Olympics come. I'm cursing the other countries who beat our fellow Americans! WHAT? They totally deserved the gold more!! Why do those Russians always take the gold in ice skating!!? What is going on with those Korean short track racers? I know they conspire against my friend Apolo and try to nudge him out of medal contention! I just know it!! See....this does not bring peace, this breeds the contention of competition my friends....and we Americans are fierce competetors.

Take Lindsay Vonn. She is serious about this skiing business. She does some serious damage to her shin and what does she do? She skis through the pain and takes gold. She's cool like that.

But at times I find myself cheering for atheletes not from my lovely country. Take Mr. Sven Kramer for example. He had some serious expectations to live up to. I mean, he basically had the whole country riding on his shoulders. And no one wants to upset those Dutchmen. They are die hard speed skaters. Did you see that clip about the huge race that goes miles and miles around Holland on their frozen rivers? Those people are almost as serious as Canadians and hockey.

Which brings me to my confession as an American. I love Canada. My mother...bless her heart is Canadian and I'm so proud to know that half of my blood belongs to those wonderful folks up north. And I'll tell you one thing I know for sure. We Canadians (yes I think of myself as Canadian as well as American) love us some hockey. If I wanted to bore you a little bit I'd tell you all about Hockey night in Canada. It's for real people. They love Hockey so much, I'm pretty sure Wayne Gretzky is idolized there. Didn't you guys see who lit the Olympic Torch? They love that man, and they love hockey. And as much as I love and adore America, I will always cheer for Canada in hockey. I feel the effect of hockey awaken my half canadian soul when I watch it....but only really good hockey (no offense Grizzlies, you just don't do it for me). And so, I will cheer those lovely Canadian boys on to victory...and hopefully a gold!!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Elder Dad and Sister Mom

Look at those two. They look too young to be senior missionaries don't they? In the words of Elder Dad..."I need to be over 19 and Sister Mom needs to be over 21." I won't divluge their real ages, but they are young by senior missionary standards. Apparently in the MTC (Missionary Training Center for those of you not familiar with Mormon lingo) they were referred to as 'the kids.' Sister Mom loved that. They are serving in the mission office and are apparently working 10-11 hour days. It's a good thing they are young so they can handle that.

Life is weird without them here. In our family they are the first to ever leave. My sisters and I stayed within the state for school. (B we miss you. You live so far. Come visit me.) So having them leave was rough for our little family. We are close. But we are proud. And are looking forward to the future vacations we can take there and have them show us around..... hint hint. Start saving people.

If any of you know them and would like to follow their blog (it's private) leave your email address and we'll get you an invite. They would love to hear from you. Or you can email them at kevandsheri@yahoo.com if you aren't the blogger type. Which is cool, because I wasn't one for a long time too. I like the whole email thing. I will do my best to keep you informed about life in Adelaide. Things like my mom getting locked out of the apartment (or in the words of Sister Mom who has picked up on the Aussie lingo...Flat) while Elder Dad took a nap....or how Sister Mom is having a tough time pronouncing all the names of the missionaries, who are mostly islanders and have something like 25 letters in their last names. And if you don't care about my parents and only care about the goings on of Jon and I....then skip the posts labeled Elder Dad and Sister Mom...but you'll be sorry because sometimes I'm witty and it might be worth a good laugh.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Hello and Goodbye

Here we are, becoming part of the blogging community. The soul purpose of this blog is for my parents (Kevin and Sheri) to be able to keep track of us. They have decided to serve a mission for the church in Adelaide Australia. We have no children and fairly boring lives so I'll do my best to make this interesting! So hello blogging world, goodbye parents. Enjoy!