Thursday, November 17, 2011

Thursday, November 10, 2011

A Dinosaur and a Bath

Since Halloween is one of my favorite holidays (for obvious reasons) I had to dress Conner up. My initial plan was to do something simple but after I saw this I just couldn't resist. Isn't he the cutest dinosaur you've ever seen?

And in other news, Conner has moved from the sink for bath time to the big tub. I thought he would be more hesitant, but once he got the hang of splashing, he was totally into it. I just couldn't resist documenting it. He's too cute.

Sunday, November 6, 2011


I've found that when life gets hectic, blogging slips to the bottom of my to do list.

First things first...find a place to live: Check

Second things second...find a car: Working on it

Third things third...get a cable and Internet provider: Check

So here we are. A month after our last blog of the lovely Top of the Rock. We are back in Salt Lake, in a new apartment, (which I must say is so roomy compared to our place in New York)and adjusting to life here for the next little while.

After such a long hiatus I never know where to begin. Do I bypass the month that we missed? Do I go back and try to catch up? Alas, the last month has been filled with a lot of busy-ness but not much that is bloggable. Unless you want a play by play about our apartment search and the car salesmen that we've met with (pinkie ring and all). I'll spare you those boreish details and just give you a little bit of everything...but not today. I have no energy for that. Today you'll just get a little taste of DC. We took a little side tour before heading home from New York. We took the train to Washington DC and took in the sights. We even got a personalized tour of the capital (Thanks Kate).

World War II Memorial

Arlington National Cemetery

Capital Building

Lincoln Memorial

The White House

Korean War Memorial

We also made stops at the Air and Space Museum, The Holocaust Museum, The Museum of Natural History, The Vietnam Memorial, the Iwojima Memorial, and caught up with a few old friends. It was a jam packed few days. We are happy to be back and I promise more blogs to come!