Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A little wedding

It was the first day of 8th grade and I had mixed choir. That's right kids, Mr Leyva the creep and all. So here I was sitting in the soprano section when this blond girl comes and sits by me. Her name is Annie and I remember that she had really straight teeth and I was jealous because I still had my braces on. 3 years is such a long time for a self -conscious teenager isn't it? And who would have thought that you'd stay friends with a girl you sat by in choir all the way through Junior High never mind High school and College, but here we are. The best of friends, and she just got married. I swear I was as excited about it as my own wedding day.

I insisted on helping with most aspects of the wedding, think J. Lo and the wedding planner...or Frank and Father of the Bride. Ann of course planned everything, I just executed it. It was busy, it was long, my feet were crying by 12:00, but it turned out wonderful and I loved making sure she didn't have to worry about a thing!

We were up bright and early for hair and makeup. Aren't we pretty at 4:00 am?

Here is the lucky man...Steve-O coming to pick her up! See you guys at the ceremony!

Introducing Mr and Mrs Steve-O!

The 3 of us. Friends seriously since forever.

The fun luncheon, I have to say the green beans were the best part for me, is that weird? I loved them!

The sign in table. Ann found this super cute old sewing machine table to use. I LOVED it. Isn't she thrifty!

The candy table.

And to be honest. The rest of the time I was too busy to take pictures of anything else, now I feel bad, but I had no time. Everything was so great. A fireworks send off and everything. The perfect day. Welcome to the wife club Ann, you'll love it.