Tuesday, April 20, 2010

My life in the O.C

No, no...not my life in Orange County, the other O.C. In the summer of 2005 I was a counselor at an LDS girls camp called Oakcrest or as we liked to call it, the O.C. I had lunch with some of my Oakcrest friends last week and it brought back a lot of memories. So the other day I got out my Oakcrest scrap book. Unlike some of my friends (Goosey) I unfortunately didn't take many pictures, but the ones I did take, I thought were pretty funny.

For those of you who aren't familiar with Oakcrest, I'll give you a little play by play. Oakcrest is located near Kamas, UT. It is a very remote place, where girls from around Salt Lake County who are in the summer of their 7th or 8th grade year they spend a week there with us....the counselors.

We really were the best of the best. At Oakcrest, other than Gramps (our priesthood leader) there were only girls. For 12 year olds this is awesome, for 20 something counselors this was....really hard. The Sysco man who came to deliver food to our camp once a week was so dreamy. I tried to tell Jon about how we would try to make our girls go to the kitchen when the Sysco man came just so we could stare...and Jon said that he probably wasn't that good looking, we were just desperate. I'm afraid he might be right, but I'll never forget the Sysco man.

Each week at Oakcrest we had a theme. They ranged from Super Hero week ( was totally in charge of that week, it was awesome) to Disney week. We had a party each Thursday where we could dress up. Here are a few of my best.

Disney Week ( I was a fairy Godmother)

(Super Hero Week. O.C was too stingy and wouldn't let me wear my cape with 'Sexy Flexy' written on it. I still think it's lame to this day. The girls would have thought it was awesome.)

(Christmas Week. I was Cindy Lou Hoo from Hoo-ville)

Unfortunately there wasn't a week dedicated to Canada. This was just for Canada Day (July 1st for all of you Americans) and I wanted to celebrate being a Canarican. I even taught my girls the national anthem and we sang it for everyone after dinner.

Believe it or not, my first week was my favorite. I, of course loved all my girls...even week 7 I think it was...two girls fist fighting...that week was the best, I forgot. They in turn...thought I was super cool....well at least they gave me an ego boost and made me think I was cool. We had some good times like rat babies falling from the roof, mother rat getting very angry that we took the baby rats away, Gramps coming with a gun to my cabin ready to shoot mother rat while my girls were hanging out on their bunks, peeing in latrines, building said latrines, digging trenches in so our girls wouldn't get soaked, starting fires in the pouring rain, burning myself making some chili, getting no sleep, and not showering on a regular basis because I was too dang tired.

And even though these stories may sound like no fun at all....it was the best summer of my life, where I made some of the greatest friends, and was given the opportunity to teach the gospel, which is the closest thing I got to a mission. I loved every stinky, sweaty, crying, exhasted, tired minute. And I'd do it again tomorrow...

But only if Jon could come with me. That or have him be the Sysco man I could stare at once a week, and maybe sneak a smooch.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Thank You Old Spice

I know many of you are awaiting Jon's half of the introduction to us and our blog. To be honest, I was surprised when he said he wanted to do his own post. I assumed I would play the role of the blogger in the family, but apparently he would like to put in his two cents as well. He's charming and witty and I have no doubt that you will love the posts he is the author for, but alas...the man works hard. So wait you must my friend, but don't dismay. I have a little treat for you.

Jon and I have loved this commercial and would like to share it for your viewing pleasure. This is Isaiah Mustafa....I love that his real name matches how wonderful he is in this commercial. Apparently Oprah loves his commercials too. My first thought was how much I thought my parents would enjoy this. I'm not sure if you can watch things on youtube in the mission field, but I do know that you can give a simple click of the mouse on a family members blog and enjoy...share it with the office elders, I know they will like it.

Jon's favorite part: Look at your man, now back to me, now back to your man, now back to me. Sadly, he isn't me.

Jessie's favorite part: What's in your hand? Back at me, I have it. It's an oyster with two tickets to that thing you love!

What's your favorite part?