Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Our holiday season started off with a surgery yesterday. A few months ago I noticed a bump on the inside corner of Conner's eye. When we got home from New York we had it checked out and after a few Dr's visits, and a CAT Scan we were told that surgery was the next step. Thankfully it's fairly common in infants, and we got a great plastic surgeon at Primary's to do it. It was a long day with lots of waiting, but everything went well and we are home and hopefully be back to normal in no time.

Looking good in the hospital jammies

Waking up after surgery

These are the arm braces that keep Conner from rubbing his eyes. It'll take a little getting used to since he loves to suck his thumb.

Good thing babies are resilient. It breaks my heart that sleeping has to look like this now. Poor Guy. I think we'll be almost as good as new by Christmas.