Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Summer Break

I started this blog for my parents while they served a mission. Even though Jon and I have a fair amount of family that doesn't live near us, I can't help but ask myself every few months why I still have one. I'm not a journal blogger. Aside from a few posts in the early stages of motherhood, I'm not really a 'vent my feelings' blogger either. I don't even think very many people look at it to be honest. That doesn't bother me, but it is a factor in why I'll be taking the summer off. I'll be evaluating my reasons for blogging. Is it really the best use of my time? Do I find that I'm happy to blog during my precious nap time hours, or is it something that I find annoying? I'm not sure what my answers to these questions are, but I'm going to take the summer to think about it. Things we'll be doing this summer. Enjoying water - Conner and I plan on taking a mom and tot swimming class - We also plan to take advantage of our apartment complex's pool - We plan on going to the Taylorsville pool to bug Beth since she is the head lifeguard there this summer - I might even get a pass to the ever so cool and not lame at all Classic Water slides. I need small slides for my little guy Outdoors - I'm determined to get Conner to like the swings. - I want to go to the park most mornings and let Conner walk around. He loves to toddle everywhere. Who says walking is the worst? I really love it. - I want to instigate a few weeks of no TV. I want to enjoy the outdoors. - The Zoo. I'm not sure what Conner's reaction to animals will be. I'm hoping he loves it....but loves it on a 1 year old level. I'm not expecting some grand reaction. - And even though my sister doesn't know this. I'll be taking advantage of her nice new backyard with free child care. Can't wait! Hobbies -I'm loving (and hating) some of the books I've been reading. I made a goal to re-read some old classics that I haven't read since junior high and High School. I've already fallen in love with Anne of Green Gables and plan on going on an adventure with Huck Finn soon. - Get to the second level of the Adult Piano Lessons Book. That's right...I'm taking piano lessons again. I love it and I can play Puff the Magic Dragon and I am proud of it! Oh and I'm running another half-marathon in a few weeks. I'm so happy I've worked hard and trained for it. It will be so fun to do this one up right...Mertin style. I can't wait to run with my parents. They are the best running buddies. I think it will be a great summer and I can't wait to enjoy it. We'll see how I feel at the end about keeping something like this up. I have no idea what I'll decide, but I hope everyone of you (if anyone reads this) has a great summer as well. Try to enjoy it.