Monday, January 16, 2012

A New Year

Like most people I've made resolutions for the upcoming year.

Like most people they include the classics. ie: be more active, get organized, and write in my journal.

Like most people I'll probably end up 5 lbs heavier, with more than one junk drawer, and find that my last entry in my journal will still be the day after our honeymoon was over.

I'm not quite sure if other people feel pressured to make the same resolutions year after year like I do,so I decided to make some 'new and improved' resolutions.

2012 will be the year that I....

Make the most of busy season. Instead of feeling sorry for myself that my husband works insane hours and I'm alone....I'm going to have people over for dinner, get some 'simplified' scrap-booking done, and enjoy time with family.

Try new cooking tricks that intimidate me. On tap for this week is making creme fraiche (which is home-made sour cream) and use it in a new recipe.

Read a different book every month.

Run another 1/2 marathon with my mom.

And my most important resolution is to enjoy even the frustrating moments of being a mother, because in just a few years it won't matter that I still need to lose 10 lbs, that my linen closet looks like an episode of hoarders, or that my journal is still lacking in entries. Conner just wants my time...and I think I can easily give that.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

9 Month Photo Shoot

I think these pictures speak for themselves. Even with a bandage, he' my sister's words....delicious.