Tuesday, March 23, 2010

This is Jessie...

(In NYC eating a black and white cookie)

I feel a little silly introducing myself now that I've already blogged a few times, but I've had a few people ask about me and Jon, so I thought...why not share some fun facts about us. So here it goes...

Facts about Jessie...

My parents thought I was a boy until I came out and graced them with a wonderful surprise....they still named me Jessie, they just added the I.

I have an addiction to shoes...my husband is grateful that they are almost always very cheap shoes.

I'm very talented at 'take it yourself' pictures

I like myself a catchy tune. Right now I'm enjoying JT and Timbaland's "Carry Out." But don't watch the music video....is scandalous.

I'm 6 years older than my little sister but people look at us and think I'm the younger one...people tell me that one day I'll be grateful for that. I just don't know how to explain the fact that I'm embarrassed people still think I'm 18.

I've run 3 marathons.

I once hit and killed a great dane.....I think I might know what it feels like to hit a small deer...they are pretty much the same size.

I really miss my parents.

I once went an entire summer only showering once a week, and unless you were there you cannot judge me. I really value my sleep and the whole summer I chose to sleep instead of shower....and you would have too.

I think that's enough for one post, don't you? Just wait until you hear Jon's list...it involves infatuation for a special Disney character...

Monday, March 8, 2010

On Broadway

Jon and I really like to date. We were told by the man who married us that it is critical to our marriage, and we take that counsel seriously. I mean honestly, when a man of God tells you to do something...you do it people.

My parents were wonderful examples of this. Most weekends of my childhood, my sisters and I were told to fend for ourselves for the evening. This meant we made Sarah's soup suprise, or Ramen Noodles for dinner and watched TGIF. Boy Meets world was a guilty pleasure for me....Oh Cory and Topanga (that is really how you spell it you guys...I googled it.) At other times we had some neighbor boys come over...I believe we kept this a secret from my parents for a few years...we did this because Sarah would hold hands with one of the boys behind the garbage can, while Beth and I yelled at each other. things like..."Stop looking at me like that!" And, "Stop breathing my air!" We really loved each other...

So Jon and I do our best to follow the counsel given to us. One of our favorite spots is this little theatre on Broadway. It's a lovely little place that shows mostly independent films. Jon has taught me to love good food and a good cinema experience.

This weekend we went and saw "Young Victoria." I didn't know much about Queen Victoria and her life. I thought the film was beautiful, well written, well acted, and suprising. In many books and movies I've seen portraying that time period people were married for many, many reasons. Money being the biggest, social status, lack of opportunity, or obligation, which I find very sad. The only hope I have that anyone ever really loved during that time is when I read Jane Austen. I just love Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy. But unlike others in her situation....Victoria fell in love. Even though he was her cousin....don't judge people. When I was younger I thought my cousin Steven was it. I remember getting nervous going to Canada to visit.My face would turn red and I'd get all sweaty and everything. Yikes. Good thing I grew out of that. Anyway....I found it charming that Victoria and Prince Albert fell in love. They ruled together and apparently did quite a good job as partners.

You need that in a marriage....just as much as you need a good date.