Sunday, November 28, 2010

Houston...I'm in love

While those back home (Utah) enjoyed a blizzard (which I heard even stranded a few people), Jon and I enjoyed 80 degrees of loveliness for our Thanksgiving.

Alas, when you go here for Thanksgiving.

And you eat food like this

And you cheer on family members to beat this

And you get all of your Christmas shopping done here

And you get to spend every day with this handsome man

And your belly is getting bigger and bigger as the days go by.

You don't take pictures while on vacation.

Sorry Mom

Thank you Houston for letting me rest, relax, eat, shop, read, and wear short sleeves when it's almost December. You are my new favorite place to visit.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Juno and Paulie Bleeker

I know many people don't enjoy Halloween as much as I do...I know some who even use the word 'hate' when thinking about the holiday (aka Sarah), but what can I say...the day holds a special place in my heart.

This year our friends Gavin and Mallory threw what I can only hope will become an annual event...the Halloween Shindig. I loved everything about it. Great costumes, incredible food, hilarious stories shared. Let's just say that someone at our table works for a psych ward. Think....human burrito and x-rays of people who in a drug induced stupid moment ate a pipe, a credit card, and some keys. You've got to love those crazies. I was laughing so hard my belly was shaking like a bowl full of jelly...which to be looking more and more like Santa these days.

White elephant gifts were shared. I won big. Used toilet seats are pretty much the best white elephant gift you could ever give.

And who would have thought that most original costume would go to Juno and Paulie Bleeker. Thanks baby for giving me a great excuse to be the world's most popular pregnant teen.

Also in the winners circle were these greats...

Woody and Jessie the cowgirl. And best host and hostess ever

The pirates. I loved these costumes.

Queen of hearts. I have to impressive.

M&M's. Best idea. I loved it. I was craving peanut M&M's all night.

Charlie Brown and Sally. I especially enjoyed the leggins. Classic

Thanks Gav and Mallory. I thoroughly enjoyed my Halloween this year!