Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Our November

November came and went, without so much as a Halloween post. Ooops. Our November was eventful. We got a nasty case of the flu, visited the hospital and then passed it on to our whole family. Ooops again. We had a great Thanksgiving and we are gearing up for Christmas. I also had some good reading this month that I'll share soon. Hopefully I'll get things together and post more this coming month! Conner is playing by himself and pretending more and more these days. The kid is all boy. Give him some cars and dirt and he is so happy. I thought I would share some of the fun pictures we've taken of him playing cars. He loves to line them up wherever he can. Man, he's so adorable.

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Suchans said...

Jess. My little Logan totally does this too! Boys are awesome. Love your face.